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It's the last day of January, 2012, and Miami Beach is alive as ever. Many people don't know about the Zilbert Webcam. Have a look, and you will see what we are seeing! I will warn you: it's pretty. Before I forget, I want to make another suggestion to get a Google+ account for yourself. Our Zilbert brand page can be found at, and please make sure you add us to your Google+ circles. Next month I will be publishing a quick note to everyone on why Google+ is becoming very important. But for now, get your Google+ account set up (free, of course), and add us to your circles. We will add you back!


We are pleased to welcome Joseph Schafer to the Zilbert team. Joseph is part of our aggressive recruitment program, taking place right now. We have great, great things happening this year, so stay tuned for further announcements. You can read more about Joseph Schafer in today's Press Release.


Some of you are asking about one of our recent Il Villaggio condo listings. We put a $2.495M property on the market. In about 12 days, we sold it. There is a reason that we are able to do this, and that's part of our innovative, new 2012 marketing platform. Our condo and home sales programs are working very well, so if you have that luxury property that needs to sell quickly and at top dollar, we may be able to help. We are doing some very innovative things this year, and they appear to be working.


Folks, last week, I did the unthinkable. I bought an iPhone. This wasn't the first time. When the iPhone 3 came out, I bought it. Then, I returned it. I simply couldn't give up my trusted Blackberry. And, just a few months ago, I purchased my new baby, the Blackberry 9900, with both a keyboard and touch-screen. I thought I was in heaven. But, this morning, I am sitting with my iPhone and my Blackberry on my desk. Sadly to say, today is the day that I put my trusted Blackberry in the drawer of my desk, forever. Why? Well, as much as the tactile keyboard and BBM messenger has been a very important part of my day, the world is changing around me. While my Blackberry was the mobile answer to e-mail and instant messaging, our daily culture has changed. Social media, productivity apps, geolocation and other features are competing for our mindshare...and winning. Even Google's search engine is changing to favor people and websites who interact via social networks. In a nutshell, we are becoming a culture that demands to be mobile without limiting our ability to interact with eachother. And, this, my friends, if what makes the iPhone the tool of choice. Sure, Android devices are on a similar path, and Blackberry will reorganize itself to address these needs. But, the device of the day appears to be the iPhone. I'd be very interested to hear your comments and stories. I already miss my Blackberry, but my iPhone is keeping me engaged enough to, for now at least, not think about keyboards, flashing LED indicators or quick-and-secure BBM.


See Zilbert's Weekly Showcase:

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Properties shown above are selected from the Southeast Florida MLS, and represent condos and homes listed with individual brokers, not necessarily Zilbert International Realty. Click on each link to see a property detail report, including the name of the listing broker.

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We have made a number of announcements recently, and in case you missed them, here are some links to pages on our sites that outline the details of our announcements.

The Zilbert Realty Store: We are opening the first in a series of retail stores that offer a real estate buying and learning experience to our customers. Visit our announcement page for more details:

The Zilbert Hiring Campaign: We are doubling our staff this year, and we are looking for the best-of-the-best talent, REALTORS and BROKERS to join our staff. See how we are one of the most-progressive employers in real estate:

Zilbert Headquarters For Sale: The Zilbert Realty Store will be our new headquarters, and we are selling our existing headquarters site, an office condo suite on Lincoln Road. We are selling our office with everything, KNOLL furniture, Xerox WorkCentre, Nortel Phone System, FOB-door access, camera system plus much more. Everything is included. So, it's a great way to move into an office that's ready to go! And, for investors, this makes a great opportunity to purchase an income property. The office is a condo suite within an office condo building, which gives you the benefit of ownership without the expense burden of a whole building. You even get nightly housekeeping as part of your condo maintenance fee. I have put details and photos on our website here:

Let me know if you have any questions. Brokers are also welcomed!

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