Mammoth Site near Rapid City

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Mammoth Site near Rapid City

The Mammoth Site is located an
hour south of Rapid City in Hot Springs, SD. The discovery of the Mammoth Site happened in 1974, when an excavation for a housing development unearthed the first of these amazing treasures. Today, scientists and paleontologists have unearthed over 55 mammoth, bear, camel, llama, prairie dog, wolf, fish and invertebrates.Thousands of years ago, men in Rapid City had more to worry about than dropping a call or missing the last play of the Super Bowl. Food was the driving need of prehistoric man and one of the stranger food sources was the Wooly Mammoth! 

Mammoth Site near Rapid City

Now extinct, you can see the amazing fossils of these enchanting beasts right outside of Rapid City, at the Mammoth Site. See for yourself these titans of the tundra (and be thankful cows have never grown any larger!)

What makes the Mammoth Site near Rapid City so unique is how the fossils have been preserved. The land where they found the Mammoth remains was originally a sink hole. As Mammoths roamed the Black Hills, they would go into the sinkhole for food and warmth and would be unable to get out. As they sank, their bodies were preserved! Visitors to the Mammoth Site can expect to see layers upon layers of sediment and fossils. The museum will teach you about the mammoths, other animals roaming the area around Rapid City, and how prehistoric humans survived the ice age. Make plans to visit from Rapid City today!!

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Mammoth Site near Rapid City

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I would advise to stay away from sink holes. Your customers may get a bad image.

Jan 31, 2012 09:55 AM