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Buyers really do need a private showing. And while it is true, the seller does know much more about the property and home than anyone else, if the buyer is not truly interested the valuable information shared is irrelevant. Even as an agent there are times to back off a little giving the buyers a chance to visualize and picture themselves in the home...... It all starts with a dream.... a vision.... Right!

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 Home Sellers Take A Walk!

Selling your home is a big deal.  There are lots of things to do to get a home ready to be on the market:  de-cluttering, www.phoenixpropertyshoppe.comcleaning, fixing or replacing worn out appliances or carpets, making sure all the electrical and plumbing is in excellent order....plus a host of other chores.  There is one thing that many home sellers forget.....taking a walk while the home is being shown.

Do you understand why allowing the potential buyers ' private viewing time' is important?  I imagine your agent has explained this to you, right?  No?  Really? Well... here you go, let me share a story with you why you might want to consider always giving your potential buyers time to view your home - without you hanging around watching their every move!

Wonderful clients of mine have been looking for a home these past few months.  Before the holidays they did find a home that had all the amenities they wanted and were seriously considering making an offer.  But...they didn't even get a chance to 'really see the home' because the owner just wouldn't get out of the way. Seriously, he kept following us around even after I thanked him and mentioned that I'd find him if we had questions. No he didn't take the hint!  Then his agent showed up, contract in hand and sat down - in front of my buyers and myself and started going through the contract.  


Now I've been in business a long time and I can honestly say I've never seen an agent and a seller act in such a manner.  What were they thinking?  I have no idea; I just know it was not the best strategy - by a long shot.


My clients left that crazy experience behind them and are now ready to find their new home.  Yesterday I set up four appointments with at least a 6 hour showing notice to the sellers. Low and behold one of the homes they were interested in was another one of the above agent’s listings.  Oh great!  I could only this showing would go better and the other one was just a fluke.


www.phoenixpropertyshoppe.comAs we approached the home the seller was in the garage, door open, waiting for us....  Here we go again, another helpful seller.  He wanted us to enter through the garage which is never a good idea. I suggested we start at the front door so the buyers could get a first impression and start their tour of the home from there!   He agreed and said he'd unlock the door.  Ok...maybe then he'd take a walk?


Well so much for having a 'private showing' of this home...


The helpful seller kept popping up again and again. And please understand, he seemed like a really nice guy, just over anxious in trying to 'sell' his home. The home had been beautifully remodeled and it could have sold itself. I asked the seller a few questions to  keep him from following the buyers into the kitchen - which is a very important area for them....but that didn't work either. By that point the buyers kept looking at me...and nodding it was time to get out of there. I thanked the seller and we were off to the next home.

The rest of the showings we were left alone. thankfully!  The buyers did find another home they both liked and are writing an offer on it today. They really did like the other home but just didn't get a chance to look around and have time to 'make it their own' without the seller overpowering every moment. If the seller had just gone for a walk he most likely would be receiving an offer today.


The buyers had several gorgeous homes to choose from, all with similar amenities and priced in the same range.  Had this not been the case and the overpowering sellers home was the only option, the end of this story would have looked different. As it is the buyers are happy with their choice and all is well for them.  Not so much for the over anxious seller....I certainly hope next time he simply takes a walk.

 Home Sellers Take A Walk - A Ride  or Whatever!


Real Estate and Working with my Clients is my Passion!


I take my clients trust in me very seriously. I'm known for 'telling' it like it is, not what folks might want to hear or  think it should look like. Now that may sound kind of tough, but think about it, in the long run if you want to buy or sell a home you need to know the real facts in order to make a wise choice.

If you want the truth and the whole truth, I am the 
Phoenix Real Estate Agent for You.

When you are ready to buy or sell a Phoenix Area Home, I will be your advocate, guide, and fierce negotiator. I will work hard to make your buying or selling a home as smooth and stress-free as I possibly can...even if it's a short sale.  Guaranteed.

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Jane & Garry Smith
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - Portland, ME
ABR, GRI, Realtors - Portland, ME - (207) 253-3195
Sellers really do need to step aside and give potential buyers time and space to visualize themselves living in that home. It is distracting to have someone pointing out small details about a home when a buyer is looking around. Sellers need to give up control and leave it to the professional realtor.
Feb 01, 2012 12:26 AM
Marilyn Harrell
Better Homes and Acres - Beaverton, MI
Wixom Lake - Beaverton MI

Jane and Garry, Thank you for commenting. It is always a good sign when the buyers start to say "This could go here and that would go there! And this will work for....." Have a great day.

Feb 02, 2012 02:32 AM