Creating Desktop Wallpaper with Picasa [tutorial video]

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Today is the first of the month and my desktop wallpaper (which showed a calendar on it) needed to be changed! I decided to record the video as I did it so that I could share it with you.

I'm using the free photo app called Picasa (app for windows and mac, download link). In this video I will show you how to utilize the tags feature to find the images you want, select them, and then use the collage tool.

Also, I use the website to generate a two-month calendar. Once on the screen I use the screen capture command to grab the image. I crop and save the image using the free graphics app called Irfanview (windows app, download link). For Mac, you can can Command-Shift-4 to drag a snapshot box and save the file to your desktop.

Once you have taken my new class "Graphics for Bloggers 101" - you then can do this as fast as me!! :) - in that class I slow down quite a bit and talk about each of these features and concepts in MUCH more detail.

Enjoy the video - happy wallpaper creations! :)