Jurupa California Real Estate Short Sales - Short Sale Agents Can Sell Your Upside-Down Home

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Jurupa California Real Estate Short Sales - Short Sale Agents Can Sell Your Upside-Down Home - Call Us Now: 1 (888) 9-LIST-IT 

Are you like many homeowners in Jurupa having trouble paying your mortgage every month? You may be behind in your mortgage payments, or not behind yet. Don't let foreclosure happen to you. Hire the best Short Sales Experts to help you with your difficult situation at NO CHARGE TO YOU!

We are Short Sale Specialists and we have extensive experience with short sale negotiations with dozens of the nation's mortgage lenders and banks. Whether you have one, two or more Jurupa mortgage loans, we are able to offer you options. Our Short Sale Agent team assists homeowners throughout Southern California, including Jurupa.

Here are a few things to consider when contemplating a Jurupa CA Short Sale:

  • How many loans do you have on the property?
  • Do you or the property have any liens attached, for example: Tax liens, child support liens or HOA liens, etc.?
  • Have you or your family experienced a loss in income, loss of a job or had to relocate for a job?
  • Have you or your family experienced an unexpected medical expense, or any other major financial set-back?
  • Are you behind on any payments, or are you still current?
  • Are you still paying the HOA dues, if any?
  • Are you still paying utilities like water, sewer, trash and disposal? If not, are there any delinquent payments?
  • Are you still occupying the property?
  • If not, is the property vacant, or is/are there tenant(s) occupying the residence?
  • Have you attempted a loan modification, or previously attempted a short sale?
  • Has your bank issued a Notice of Default, and if so, have they scheduled a Trustee Sale Date?


Jurupa Short SalesThese are just a few questions that will pertain to the listing, sale and success of your Jurupa Short Sale.

If you have questions about a Jurupa short sale, how they work and the myriad of opportunities AND pitfalls a short sale can provide you, feel free to call us anytime at (888) 9-LIST-IT. That's (888) 954-7848.

We can answer your questions and provide you with an in-depth look at the short sale process. We are not salesmen. We will tell you like it is, and if a short sale is the right choice for your particular situation (and many times a short sale is not our recommendation). We will give you honest answers with your best interests in mind. Having the right California Short Sale Experts assisting you can mean the difference between a foreclosure, or a fresh start without complete devastation to your credit due to foreclosure.



So if you'd like more information on a Jurupa Short Sale, Call us now:

(888) 9-LIST-IT. That's (888) 954-7848.


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