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     In perusing some older blogs of the best and brightest of the AR Community, I happened upon a piece by Broker Bryant on his opinion of Value Range Pricing in which he was in favor.  In the many comments that followed he was praised, villified, called a genius, and threatened to be publicly thrashed in the Town Square at noon.  Of course, I figured, he must be on to something good, so I gave it a try.

     It worked!!!  Perhaps it was just beginners luck, but this tiny bungalow that has been fully rehabbed brought a string of showings that resulted in a successful bid that fell right near the middle of the range.  This home is really a condo alternative that never would have been shown to this buyer at the top price, yet it suited her needs and she was more than happy to offer a fair price.

     Our market is not nearly as bad as many others but our inventory far exceeds the number of qualified buyers, and looks to remain that way for the forseeable future.  My sellers' were skeptical, but open to suggestions and are looking forward to buying another distressed property to fix up as soon as we close on this one.

     Please feel free to voice your opinion on Value Range Pricing.  It did work in this case and I'm planning on using it on a short sale listing as well.  It is within the law, and it meets a code of ethics that were ingrained in me by the good nuns long ago. By the way, this was a co-broke with an agent who had shown this buyer more that twenty properties prior to this one.