Happy Thanksgiving From Del Ray "With no turkey"

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  Ah the week of Thanksgiving. Happy people getting ready to sit down to a big turkey dinner. A few people will enjoy ham. Off to my sister's home I will go. Me and my vegetarian family. No we do not eat tofurky. My daughter has had a bit of a hard time in school trying to explain that even at Thanksgiving and Christmas we do not eat meat. And, yes chicken is meat. We do make a donation, the price of a turkey, to a sanctuary. When my girl was little, one of my fellow designers would call the house on "the day" and gobble thank you. AnnaMarie, said child, grew suspicious around age nine. We still make the donation and my friend still calls. It's part of our Thanksgiving Tradition. So is watching the Turkey Trot a 5 k race the goes down Commonwealth Ave. Right in front of our house. The serious runners out front aren't much fun but oh my the ones that come at the middle and end. Mommies and daddies with strollers bikes and wheelchair racers. of course many dogs, this is Del Ray! Young people old people huff and puff people. At every corner those of us who would rather drink coffee cheer them all on from the first runner to the last walker being tailed by the ambulance. we're very supportive here. So Happy Thanksgiving to all and enjoy your meal take care while traveling. Maybe you could think about a meat free dish or two.

   Carol Bull  Nova Star  Del Ray  Alexandria VA.

Todd Hueffed
Champions Real Estate Services - Everett, WA

No meat on the holidays....don't know if I could do that....I am not into red meat and always buy organic and or free range as I don't want all the chemicals.....there is always non meat items on my green beans, stuffing, yams, come on over.....

Todd Hueffed in partnership with Keller Williams North Seattle

Nov 20, 2007 05:57 AM