Going, Going, Gone... Rental Houses in Gilbert, Arizona are selling quickly!

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Going, Going, Gone...  
Rental Houses in Gilbert, Arizona are selling quickly!

The recent troubles and instabilities in the housing and real estate markets have left many uncertain of how to proceed. But in reality, there are significant opportunities currently available for real estate buyers, some of which are almost historically unprecedented. One area where things are especially promising at the moment is inrental houses in Gilbert, Arizona, where they are selling quickly!


This is a video of a home in Gilbert, Arizona that I took for an inestor looking at rentals with me.

The Perfect Storm

Three factors are coalescing to help make investments in rental real estate as good of a bet as can be found anywhere. First, the drops in home and real estate prices that have been seen across the country have made rental properties more affordable than they have been in decades. Especially here in Gilbert, Arizona where you can find prices in some places to be below year 2000 levels.  

Second, interest rates have dropped precipitously, and the costs of financing real estate purchase are now extremely reasonable as a result. Recent indications by the Federal Reserve indicates they will taking actions to support low interest rates through 2013.

Third, the instabilities already mentioned have helped to dramatically increase the number of people looking to rent rather than buy their own homes. Again especially here in Gilbert, Arizona where over our state has more than 50% of the homes with mortgages on them to be upside down, under water, or over leveraged.  

These three factors have helped create a perfect storm in the rental property market, and wise investors are flocking into the hottest locations searching for the best rental real estate values available.

Hotter than the Climate

Gilbert, Arizona is one of the hottest places in the country, and in this case we are not talking about the weather. As much of a bargain as rental property purchases have the potential to be, this only applies to rental properties located in communities where people really want to live and work, and it is this factor that makes Giblert, Arizona such an ideal choice for those seeking to make this kind of investment. Gilbert, Arizona and the surrounding communities of Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, and Scottsdale are the place to be for those who crave beautiful climes, fabulous views, and a healthy lifestyle geared to the outdoors, which explains why the Valley of the Sun has been growing and expanding so consistently for so long.

Opportunity Knocks Once

In some parts of the Phoenix area, real estate prices have declined to pre-2000 levels, and the numbers of renters entering the market has outpaced the availability of rent-able properties. For those eager to take advantage of historically low interest rates, Gilbert, Arizona has many excellent rental properties for sale that could provide the kind opportunity for profit that only comes along once in a lifetime, if we are lucky.

Stepping back and taking a look at the big picture, it is clear that the time to invest in rental real estate in Gilbert, Arizona has never been better.  So it just might beGoing, Going, Gone! Rental Houses in Gilbert, AZ are selling quickly, before you know it.

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