How to make big money fast so you can buy your own home and not sweat the mortgage payments.

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Are you "STUCK" in low wage gear and are afraid you will never get up to speed on the road to home ownership and obscene tax free home flipping profits?

If this threatens to be you ...WAIT! ...before you try to get your revenge on your boss,
(and shooting people, although a popular Urban Sport lately, is still considered by some to be a tad extreme by many), why not become your own boss and start your own mega money making business, over a 24 hour time span, make some serious side money and buy whatever kind of home you want.

Is that a PROBLEM? You think?
Well not for you when I show you how easy it is.

So listen up my young apprentice, because here is your $24 and 24 hour guaranteed money making plan to create a professional gung-ho city wide sales staff that will give you the means to buy that house.
(And make sure you buy it from me, not that other agent just because she's your Mom.) 

So first you gotta have something people want to buy.
Back up a bit. Not people.

You do not want to try to sell to individual people, because too many people are like you, cash challenged between paydays.

You want to sell to companies, because companies have more money than people do and when 
it's company money as opposed to personal money, companies will give you money faster, easier and in bigger quantities than people will, which is a long winded way of saying:

Companies have lots of money, so let's forget people and get something companies wanna buy.

Personally I always liked business telephone systems, but you might like other things you can get companies to give you money for, and remember, when companies give you money and you put the money they give you into your company, you get to spend the money virtually tax free on yourself as long as you get a receipt for what you bought and call it an expense.

"I'll take the black BMW with leather trim, yeah it's a  business expense."

See. You like owning your own business a lot already.  

O. K. Let's start by borrowing some money from an unsuspecting friend's credit card and put in a big attention getting classified ad in the local newspaper like;

(See, I told you I liked telephones and yes I actually did this and yes we made so much money it was crazy.)

Next, put in the body of the ad how everyone is welcome to make big money blah blah. I

f you don't know how to right an effective classified add, no problem. Steal one.
Simply find one you like and replace their words with some of yours.

In your ad be sure to give an early evening time to meet like 7.00 pm Tuesday and a place. For place you can rent a good meeting room from your local library, community center or borrow a key from another unsuspecting friend and use their office boardroom.

All right; you're good to go. Meeting night and normally 35 to 50 people will show up if you made up your ad properly and all these eager people are here to learn how to make some extra money by working for little old YOU!

So your job now is to sell them so that they can sell your plan and/or product to others.
After the meeting you will find that out of the original 40 to 50 people you will have 30 recruits left to give your sales material to.

Invite these 30 recruits to join you for coffee in the morning at a local coffee shop and explain to them that you will all be going out to call on business's to sell them your product or to make appointments to see the companies decision makers who might want to buy your product/plan. 

The next morning expect about 15 people to show up for coffee (here's where you spent the $24.00) and to start the day's adventures.

 So off So off you and your brand new coffee fueled Business to Business door to door sales crew go and 
be sure to let everyone know that you are available to them by cell phone if they get stuck and then direct everyone out to different areas of the city with instructions to meet back here at 2PM.

Now this is important.
YOU TOO, have to also go door to door with your product or program, even if you have sold it before it is important for your new sales team that they know that you are out there with them. Yes, after this you will not be expected to go out in the field again but for this initial run you must win your team's respect.

O. K. It's 2PM and out of your 40 people from last night's sales meeting have whittled down to 25 people for early morning coffee and after a day of business to business door knocking you now will have about 6 to 8 sales people left.

These are the real deal sales people that you will now give every support to because if your business product or plan is half decent, expect to be doing over 200 "Oh So Grand." Grand a month, within; like a month.

It's just amazing, because if you set up something that companies want to buy ... well they buy.

 Although companies, like people, hate to be sold, again, like most of us, they love to buy. Your job then is easy. Put in an infrastructure, in this case salespeople, and a credit or lease plan to help them buy.  
They buy from you, you become a mega success, and you hire your old mini-wage boss and buy yourself a new house from, whom else but MEEEEE.....

Cheers all and for any other make more money advice or talk please e-mail me any time.


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