Getting Your House Ready to Sell Room by Room - The Kitchen

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Getting Your House Ready to Sell Room by Room

by Shannon Aldrich, Licensed Real Estate Consultant for Maine and New Hampshire

The Kitchen

Staging is key to presenting your home in the best light. As they say you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Rightly or not, a Buyer sizes up a house and makes their decision in the first couple of minutes. Going through the extra effort will show in both how quickly your home sells and for how much. This series will take us room by room with tips on how you can be show perfect. This week let's take a look at the heart of the home - The Kitchen

The Kitchen Checklist

Counters & Sink

  • Remove everythingfrom the countertops. Yes, everything.
  • Store small appliances, kitchen tools, knives, coffee cups, etc somewhere else
  • Do you need to re-grout around the sink? Use grout cleaner.
  • Keep the sink spotless.
  • Repair any leaky faucets or leaks under the sink.

Cupboards & Drawers

  • Wipe down the fronts.
  • Organize inside. Buyer's will open the cupboards. Think about installing pull out shelves.
  • Do your cupboards close tightly?
  • Replace any broken handles.
  • Do drawers open and close without sticking?
  • Do you need new cupboard & drawer liners?
  • Organize your pans, utensils and silverware. Reduce the clutter.
  • Organize your cleaning supplies under the sink in a bucket or plastic basket.


  • Remove all the magnets.
  • Take everything off the top.
  • Clean the inside throughly. Wash all the shelves and drawers.
  • Wipe down the outside. Pay special attention to the fingerprints around the handle.
  • Add a box of baking soda to the refrigerator and the freezer.
  • Reduce your condiments. Throw away any old or expired products.


  • Clean throughly.
  • Does the light over the stove work properly?
  • Windows
  • Clean all the windows - inside and out
  • Check the window screens - repair or replace any torn or bent ones
  • Clean the window blinds and window treatments
  • Open the blinds and the curtains before a showing to let the light in.


  • Clean all the light fixtures
  • Increase wattage in all the light bulbs
  • Do all the switches turn something on?
  • Are all the switch plates and outlet plates clean?
  • Clean the ceiling fan light and blades


  • Clean the floors throughly- Wash and Wax
  • Keep them swept
  • Vacuum or wash any kitchen rugs


  • Are there any cob webs in the corners?
  • What shape is the tile in? Should you replace the back splash to the sink?
  • Look for scuff marks, picture holes, etc. Should you paint?
  • If you paint the walls, paint the ceiling and trim as well.
  • Paint is the easiest way to refresh a room


  • Get rid of dead or unhealthy plants. Get rid of any fake plants or ivy.
  • Clean your pet's dining area
  • Put out new/fresh dish towels/pot holders
  • Set the table. Put a bowl of fresh fruit out.
  • Bake a pie, cookies or bread before showings or Open Houses.

We have completed the Living Room and the Kitchen - Next we will tackle the Bathroom

By Shannon Aldrich ©, Keller Williams Coastal Realty

"Your Seacoast Second Home and Vacation Home Specialist"

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