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The Obama Administration wants to take the wealth away from those who worked hard for it in order to "balance the budget".  All the while, he is planning more and more ways to wastefully spend money. 


If he were able to take 100% of the income of all wealthy Americans, he still would not have enough for his plans. 


This means the US federal government is a cash strapped organization looking for new ways to balance the budget.


So once Obama gets reelected (let's work and pray that this does not happen), he will then go after the big pot of gold. He not only wants to tax income for the wealthy, he wants to take away big portions of their savings and investments. He will come up with a "wealth tax" on current assets.


Do you think this sounds far-fetched? So did socialized medicine before Obama Care. Don't wait until the door has been locked for getting funds out of the country and the government has its hand in your pocket.


Consider investing off shore for a portion of your savings. Real estate purchased off shore is not taxable and is not even reportable to the US federal government.  Protect your future.


I have a few places in mind with good infrastructure and great opportunities. Call me!


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