Smart foreign investors, can we find them

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The dollar has been dropping in value against other major currencies, leading some nations to diversify investments away from the U.S. dollar, and the United States has a huge trade imbalance. With that said some foreign investors  may put  their money in U.S. real estate. As the Euro and the Canadian dollar get stronger, and the market dips, smart foreign investors may see opportunity. Likewise smart Agents may see some new prospects, what are some good ways to attract foreign clients?    Anyone?

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That's a worthy goal.  Networking with agents via the Internet is one way to test the waters.  I like the broker network, because there are members worldwide.  However it's a members-only network.

To most real estate agents, a smart foreign investor is someone who will invest in their marketplace.

Nov 20, 2007 04:02 AM
Abe Do
Olympia, WA

I think marketing to offshore websites is a great way to get foreign interest within the market.....although currently many of them seem a bit shy when looking at the state of our market.


Nov 20, 2007 04:04 AM