“Our agent is on vacation ….Can You Show us some houses ?” Asked the buyer.


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help everyone understand how real estate works and how we realtors get paid.

Very well said Sally & David.

Great post and thanks for sharing

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Original content by Sally K. & David L. Hanson 57026-90 Broker


 house with keys  We could show you houses…but if we show you the house, we are also your agent for the houses we show you. It is better for you to decide to who you want to work with and stay with one agent.  The buyer said that they had another agent who had shown them a few houses but they really didn’t feel he was listening to their needs and that he understood what they wanted. He did not know the areas they had chosen based upon their commute to work….they were not comfortable with him and had no buyer agency contract.

      We explained our qualifications and sent them information about the areas and about our experience in real estate and suggested that he and his wife discuss who they would like to have represent them in the purchase of their home.

   no money    It would not be fair to either the present agent or to us to shop with more than one agent. When buyers ask us questions like this, we tell them that it would be like if they went to work and at the end of the week expected a paycheck. Instead of getting paid, the employer paid the person in the next office instead of paying them. They laughed…but this illustration made it clear to them that working with one agent and evaluating their background and experience in addition to how they felt the “personal chemistry” fit their needs helped them choose the agent who worked best for them and with them.chemistry

    If you are looking for a home in southeastern Wisconsin, we invite you to call us, test our chemistry and interview us for the honor of being your agent for one of the largest purchases you will ever make. We are agents for a lifetime, and proud to be of service.

Sally K. & David L. Hanson, ABR, CDPE, CSS, e-Pro,ILHM, REDS


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Luis Iniguez
Option One Real Estate - Fontana, CA
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You have a good point on asking them to discuss who they want showing houses to them, but if they don't sign a buyer Agreement with you I would be hesitant to show them houses.  You always need a commitment from your buyer.

Feb 06, 2012 06:48 AM
Jimmy Phan
Phan real estate group in hickory

I absolutely agree with you Luis.

Strong point and I like that.

I will not work with them if they are not committed.

Thanks Luis

Feb 06, 2012 02:13 PM