How to help your commission paid clients make more money with these Santa Sales Claws

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These Santa Sales Claws are especially suited to increase the commissions of car sales people, furniture sales staff, high tech sales types, stock and Insurance companies or any other retail commision paying establishments.

If you are working in this sales enviroment these sharp little Christmas Sales Claws will guarantee to make you the best salesperson on the showroom floor, allow you to easily triple your income, sweep the bonus board, crush all the other sales people, (Pause for breath here.), and buy your significant other that new, or new to you home, from ... who else? Me!

Yes, ME! ... not from that other Real estate Agent ... What were you thinking?

So enough with the home renting already, it's time to put on the Santa Sales Claws and make some serious home-down-payment-money, so you can buy a home from me and I too can make some commission cash.
Hey What are friends for?..

So here is our First Sales Claw, and your first mission here is to increase your commission check by taking out the new sales person.

So here's the play by play.

When an "UP" or prospect appears "UP" on the showroom floor and the new sales kid, powered by way too much enthusiasm, streaks out to greet the prospect, you must quickly pull your beak out of your coffee, put down your newspaper and state this magic Santa Sales Clause as the new sales kid is speeding by. "Hey, stop. That's my customer," you yell at the new kid.

As the new kid stops in confusion, you follow up with, "Yeah, that's George. He and his wife phoned earlier, said they were coming in to buy today."

Be sure also to yell out loudly, "George! Over here!" as you get up from your personal best coffee-drinking and newspaper-reading-slouch position to go over, greet and sell your new to you customer, because of course his name is not George.

So when you greet the prospect, get up close and personal so you quietly apologize for calling him George so the new kid cannot overhear as you go on to make the sale.

And if the guy is not a buyer, but is a Stroker or Looky-Loo wanting to comparison shop for a few hours; well hey! Call over the new kid over. "Jeez kid I'm sorry. Thought he was someone else. Hey why don't you help him? It's your turn to talk to a customer. Jeez. I'm sorry about that. I guess my guy will be in later."

So note the strength of this sales claw.
It's a beauty.  Because if the guy's a buyer, you win a sale, and if he's not a buyer, you tie up the new kid for hours and you have another chance at the next UP or prospect that shows UP on the floor.
 After a few days of this the new kid will probably quit in disgust leaving you to Santa Sales Re-claw the next new sales person the boss hires.

After a few months of this you will be the last salesperson standing, the only person left in the establishment that customers recognize and you will now be the Commission King, or in these politically correct times Kingette, and will be able to actually buy Real Estate from me in Vancouver.

O. K. I understand that taking out the Newbie is easy, but what about the Oldbie salesperson you ask?

How do you destroy the senior salesperson that has been here forever and has all the good clients? Clients you need to be buying from you and not from the Oldbie salesperson. 

So the Oldbie's gotta go, and to help you make that happen we will reach deep into Santa's Christmas Goodie Bag for another Christmas Santa Sales Claws gift, the gift that keeps on giving; to you!  

How does this one work?

Too easy; but first you have to reposition your coffee drinking and newspaper reading room beside the phone so that you can take every call so that when the receptionist looks up from an incoming call and says, "Where's Terry?" You can instantly answer, "Oh he/she's not here, and he/she asked me to take there calls.

Well, isn't this easy. 

The plan here is to "help" Terry, the Oldbie Salesperson, right out of a job, by simply scheduling the phone UPs to come in to see you at times when Terry is off duty or not in. If they do ask if they should be dealing with Terry instead of you tell the callers that you are "helping" Terry.

And you are! Helping yourself to Terry's entire customer base. Excellent!

And don't forget to be Terry's good friend and offer to look after all of Terry's customers while Terry has to go out to the airport to pick up an important out of town client.

Of course there is no out of town client, but your voice-disguised calls and repeated requests for Terry to wait because of flight delays keeps your competition, Terry, off the sales floor all day. Terrific!

And after Terry gets back from his/her all day No-Show at the airport and asks you why did you sell three of his/her's best clients, remember to put on your most innocent face and repeat this phrase. "Hey, how was I to know. They never asked for you. What am I, a mind reader?"
After a few days or weeks of this you will have no sales floor competition and the Oldbie sales person, like the newbie sales person before, quits in disgust and decides to get out of sales and get a real job.

It's now time for me to call you up to sell you some real estate.   "Say," I say, "now that you are making all this money, I gotta tell you that I have a neat little Condo coming up in a Foreclosure sale.

"Yeah; right near where you work."
"A person named Terry used to own it. In fact I think this person used to work there.
Too bad eh? Yeah, it seems that something happened at work and Terry's sales dried up and coincidently so did Terry's mortgage payments."
"Oh? You can't talk to me now because you have to go out to the airport and pick up a big important client."
"Really?" Say, did your company just hire a new salesperson that subscribes to my blog on Active Rain?"

"Your company did! Well in that case maybe I will delete your name from my prospect list and add this new person's name."




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