Realtors: If you Haven't Tried BestHomesPro - You Should Now!

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Why should Realtors Try This? 

1.  They connect great realtors with people looking to buy or sell property in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill markets.

2.  They have an amazing property search tool that allows users to custom search by more features than any other tool. You can save custom searches for your clients that are updated daily.

3.  I know the founder and he is an excellent human being. 
(click on this link to see active requests from people searching for realtors)

What BestHomesPro believes:

  • The real estate industry is ready for change.
  • Savvy consumers are in control of their home search. They look for knowledge without being hassled or "sold" as a "lead" by most lead generation companies. They want to choose. They demand privacy, control and trust.
  • Agents are looking for clients and better, more efficient, ways to serve those clients.
  • BestHomePro meets these needs through our industry leading search tool and Marketplace. 

BestHomesPro was founded by Jeffrey Johnston.  Mr. Johnston has founded five successful corporations since 1984. Johnston, Zabor, McManus is one of the leading health care custom market research firms in the country. Decision Innovations, Inc. is a software company specializing in developing decision and sales support tools. Asparity Decision Solutions, Inc. uses the patented decision software invented by Mr. Johnston to assist major corporations help employees choose benefits. ProDecisions, LLC was established in 2003 to explore the use of decision software in multiple domains.

And now, BestHomePro, Inc. has been created to help the real estate industry enhance customer relationships through better lead management and advanced search tools.

Try it - we think you will like it!

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