Contraception Controversy with Lubbock Catholic Church

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Lubbock Catholic Church bringing a tug of war over whether to mandate contraception coverage in health insurance plans. With the plan, President Obama created, it would require religious institutions to provide contraception coverage in their health insurance plan. Lubbock Catholic Church es are exempt, but religious hospitals, schools and universities are not. Lubbock Catholic Church Bishop Placido Rodriguez says this issue has been an ongoing issue. "Everybody's freedom of conscience is being violated," he said. "We are in the position to object, but not only object, but prepare not also to comply." The Catholic clergy are reading a letter from Bishop Rodriguez during services. The clergy urge their followers to learn more about what they call "this severe assault on religious liberty." Many Lubbock Catholic Church residents FOX 34 spoke with have mixed opinions about the mandate. "Women, I don't care where they work they should have access to birth control." "I'm very disappointed in our President." "The government is making us go down paths that we morally think are incorrect." "For them to have me go against my own will, it is not right." D'Liesa Burleson has worked in the healthcare industry for close to a decade. She said she understands the opposing side, but is concerned about womens' rights being weakened. "To me there is not any type of debate," she said. "If you have health insurance and you get prescriptions then birth control should be one of those prescriptions no matter what. It is only fair," she said. "Talking about the employers standpoint, if they are going to get involved that is so a violation of rights, especially women rights, to not grant them that access," she said. I don't think it is fair." Bishop Rodriguez said the Lubbock Catholic church is working with other allies across the nation. He said he hopes political leaders get the impact of this strong movement. "I hope its a tsunami type of a response, and that they would see the light," he said. "I hope it would be reversed and that they protect and defend our freedom as well." With the insurance mandates expected to take effect in August 2013, the Obama administration is said to be listening to the outcry of those that oppose his mandate, and is perhaps open to compromise. Source: Henry Ramos/fox 34 news Find a home next to you Lubbock Catholic Church

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