Sneak Peak at Two Exclusive CSMA Materials™

Education & Training with REIC™

Below you will discover a sneak peak at two of the hand-outs agents receive as part of completing the Certified Social Media Agent™ designation.

These materials are only available to agents who have attended a CSMA™ event and passed the course test.

1. Online Reputation Management Step-by-Step checklist only for the accounts you are required to be on.

certified social media agent

2. Step-by-step instructions for how to correctly post a listing on Facebook and how to ensure it gains maximum exposure with qualified buyers within 24 hours.

certified social media agent

If you are interested in accessing these full documents please register for an upcoming CSMA event or contact us to schedule an event exclusively for your office.

Jarred Alexandrov

Social Media Architect @ REIC

facebook fan pages for real estate

facebook fan pages for real estate

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