British Pub in Rapid City

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British Pub in Rapid City

British Pub in Rapid CityFinally, an old world British pub has come to Rapid City! If you haven’t heard, Wobbly Bobby has opened in downtown Rapid City, bringing with it boisterous brews, pub fair favorites, and British atmosphere and hospitality. The old world feel and amazing selection of beers and bites will make this your new, favorite place in Rapid City.

So you may be asking “What is a Wobbly Bobby?” The folks at Wobbly Bobby, British Pub have your answer. Wobbly is British slang for being intoxicated and Bobby is a British colloquialism that referred to the first, modern police officers in London.  Construction now completed in Rapid City, this pub combines the two to create a uniquely quirky, yet traditional, place to meet up with friends for a pint. With a few more weeks of winter to go, why not stop by the British Pub to bask in the warm décor or order a pub favorite.

The menu at Wobbly Bobby is not standard pub fayre; it is delicious and well executed in traditional British style. If you have never tried a Scottish Egg, Spotted Dick, or Devils on Horseback, it is time to head to downtown Rapid City. If looking for something a little more comforting, why not try Mum’s Savory Chicken Stew? Who knew your ol’ mum was an expert British pub chef? The British pub also has over 48 brews on tap, cider, shandy, and Yorkshire tea! Rapid City and the British isles never felt so close. Check out the Wobbly Bobby today in downtown Rapid City! They’ll be quite chuffed to see you!  

510 Main St, Rapid City 605.721.PINT

British Pub in Rapid City

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