You've Seen Plenty Of Maine State Trooper Cruisers And Haunted Houses Thanks To Horror Writer Stephen King.

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Maine is the lowest state for violent crime and fourth lowest nationally overall for the rest of the generic wrong doings, any foul play.

maine state police cruiser trooper That get tallied, added up, rolled in to the grisly crime statistics. In the head count for anyone destined for an all expenses taxpayer paid crow bar hotel stay.

For three hots and a cot. Being schooled, adding a "license plate making 101" skill to your resume.

But Maine State Police cruisers, you probably have seen a few.

And not thought much about it. But they sure look familiar don't they?

Not because your last trip to Vacationland you were a little too boisterous, clown like at happy hour. Or stole a car, robbed a bank or ended up with your best side, picture profile in black and white. Posted along with rows of other grim, long faced individuals at the post office. Sporting a long trail of numbers underneath that mug shot where you need a shave, some sleep and your hair washed, combed. On that vacation, you just came for the lobsters, lighthouses, friendly people, drop dead gorgeous scenery right? Did not break any Maine laws. That you can remember.

Horror writer Stephen King lives in Bangor Maine. Z-62 is part of the "Dead Zone" broadcast holdings I worked at many moons ago.

King owns a radio station or two. And because his work, his haunts, his books, screenplays center around Maine, the Pine Tree State gets showcased front and center a lot. In an uneasy, edge of your chair, anxious worried, uncomfortable sort of way. Because you never really know how this book, movie is going to turn out but you know it is not going to be pretty. Things are going to get messy and the best home stager will suggest better burn the set of the last house used for one of his movies. It's thrashed and trashed, toast, history. Dead, needing a white sheet and a toe tag.

Because of all the King exposure you have witnessed, enjoyed in a twisted sort of way you might think boy, Maine sure has an awful lot of strange happenings. Amidst the spirits, mixed variety of blood types, the macabre and all around evil that surrounds you when he is fictionally in the room. As his work shows up on the big silver screen down front. Or now playing on the projector between your ears. Splashing on the back of the inside of your head. Creeping out of the open book you nurse, absorb if you can keep up with his prolific literary and film works.

The Maine state police cruiser that stopped you, pulled your over in the upper left hand corner of the blog post. Watch video below to see his extreme patience, professionalism at work if the field.

You no doubt recognize the color blue they are painted. Except maybe not the sneakier, unbranded ones that ply the highways of Maine.

300 state troopers total in Maine and some of those guys wearing badges, guns and a big hat work the weights and measurements end of enforcement.

With an APB out for over weight trailer trucks. Or some go back and forth like an old typewriter, or eating fresh corn on the cob. Just working the Maine turnpike as their stomping grounds.

Or have office jobs and are inside. Not as much in the public eye like this obsenity laced video below shows.

Okay, your paperwork appears in order. I clocked you on radar reading a little too fast, skimming and missing some of the information in this blog post. Others like it in traffic around you so you just get off with a warning.  This time. Have a nice day and push a little less on that pedal to the metal. No texting, cell phone calls or recalibrating that GPS navigation while driving... promise? Think it is hard when a real estate buyer or seller gets extremely upset, beside themselves and up against the wall?

It happens a lot with the job of being a Maine state trooper and you never know what you are in for when you fire up the blue flashing light bar, get out of the cruiser.

Last Warning.. this actual police video recorded from the Maine trooper's police cruiser is loaded with crude, vulgar, graphic obscene language not suited for everyone in the audience and you've been put on notice. But it proves a point of what the job entails out on the open highway.

Maine State Police Routine Traffic Cruiser Stop Video.


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Joy Daniels
Joy Daniels Real Estate Group, Ltd. - Harrisburg, PA
I'll be prepared if I am able to get to visit Maine. I don't envy their job.
Feb 12, 2012 08:57 AM
Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573
Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker

Joy ... Any walk of life runs in to impossible situations that you do the best you can. Not fun to see someone that agitated, distraught, even abusive in reaction for someone else just doing their job. But happens to anyone. But the peace in it all is don't add to it, and realize you are getting the same treatment, lack of respect or just plain ignorance everyone else in that person's circle does. And despite it all, cut them some slack. Like the Hard Rock says, "love all, serve all".  

Feb 12, 2012 09:29 AM