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Introduction to Reverse Exchanges Webinar

Services for Real Estate Pros with Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC President & CEO

Today's rapidly evolving real estate market has lots of investment opportunities available for the real estate investor, but they must move quickly to take advantage of the investment opportunities (or lose them).  What happens when they are not able to sell their existing investment property in time to take advantage of the current investment opportunity through a 1031 Exchange?  

Learn how you can save your real estate transaction with a Reverse Exchange. This Reverse Exchange webinar will be presented by William L. Exeter, President/CEO, Exeter Reverse 1031 Exchange Services, LLC.  Mr. Exeter is a renowned real estate tax strategist specializing in 1031 and 1033 Exchanges and has over 28 years experience and expertise in structuring Reverse Exchange transactions. 

Join Mr. Exeter for this Reverse Exchange webinar and see if it can help you and your clients close on more real estate transactions.  

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This Reverse Exchange webinar will help you understand:

What is a Reverse Exchange? 
How will the Reverse Exchange benefit me and my client?
How do I structure a Reverse Exchange?
What do I need to know and watchout for in a Reverse Exchange?
Reverse Exchange strategies, structures, compliance requirements, and much more

Learn how your client can buy real estate first and then worry about selling the current investment property later as part of a Reverse Exchange.  This webinar will discuss the requirements, structures, processes, strategies, and compliance issues necessary to successfully complete a Reverse Exchange transaction. 

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