The Importance of Real Estate in the Nations Economy - Part I

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2006 came and went way too fast. Rates went up and down as they always will and always have. The real estate industry by which we provide for our families is so large that it influences both the state and the national economies.  Real estate has four major roles in our economy: to create net worth, to increase income flow, its is a major employer and it controls appreciation and inflation.

: Net Worth :

Real Estate in the form of land and improvements makes up a very large portion of the total netw worth of the united states as a nation (not to be confused with the government). Net worth is the value of all assets minus all liablities ( NW = A - L )

: Income Flow :

The circular flow chart of our economy, money is paid for the use of real estate and for the raw materials, labor, capital and management used in construction work of all kinds.

: Major Employer :

The real estate industry (brokerage, construction, management, finance) is a major employer in this country, It provides employment for you and me. In total it provides employment for a large segment if the population, accounting for billions in national income.


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