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This Article is interesting because it is calling an end to the Housing Market Crisis THIS YEAR!!  It is nice to finally have some good news from the mainstream media!


Dee Langley Charlotte, NC


With alot of Homeowners faced with the crisis of a house underwater and no savings here is an article to read about what happens when you walk away.  PLEASE READ THIS WITH CAUTION!!! CONTACT YOUR LOCAL REALTOR, YOUR ATTORNEY, AND YOUR TAX ADVISOR BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!!!



This is an AWESOME article! I love that the McMansions are going away!  The new styles and trends are really neat to watch!



I absolutely loathe how this article is dangling money out like a carrot for desperate homeowners.  PLEASE understand that this is happening but it is only happening for a few homeowners.  I just had a bank this week deny a HAFA short sale with moving expenses for a client who met EVERY criteria to be approved!  It seems there is not rhyme or reason to how they give this incentive out!



As always contact your Local Helpful Realtor to help walk you through the decision to sell your home! We love being able to help our clients!


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