Town of Southborough

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Town of Southborough

St. Mark's ChurchSuburban location, pleasant neighborhoods, historic school system and an easy commute to Boston - These are all descriptions appropriate to the Town of Southborough.


In its early days Southborough was known as "Stony Brook" and was actually part of the nearby Marlboro (or Malborough) in the 1600s.  The Town of Southborough did not become a town on its own until July 17, 1727.  


During that period, the Town of Southborough was primarily a farming and agricultural community with saw and grain mills as well as iron works.  The town's inhabitants spent their days tending crops, working in the orchards and watching over their cattle.  One of the remnants of that life is still the existence with the much beloved Galloway Striped Cows

Railroads and small factories began to spring up by the mid 1800s along the two branches of the Sudbury River.  One of these factories was the Cordaville Cotton and Woolen Mill, a mill that made blankets for the Civil War.  Its name "Cordaville" remained as a name to one of the four villages in Southborough. 



By 1898 water was becoming more of an issue for the community and the Fayville Dam was built. Even after this, the Town of Southborough remained a rural community until after World War II. The housing boom of that period along the coming of the" high tech" industry along Route 495 began to change the landscape of the entire area. 

Today, there remains a great deal of open space in the Ttown of Southborough with a quarter of the town taken up by the Sudbury Reservoir. And now there are a number of neighborhoods that have been built including Killam Farm, Liberty Estates, Pine Hill Estates and Presidential Estates

 Southborough Town House


The Southborough Town Hall, called the "Southborough Town House" is part of the downtown area along with a several shops, restaurants and a nail salon that I frequent. 

Along with a number of surrounding towns, Northborough (Northboro), Marlborough (Marlboro) and Westborough (Westboro), the Town of Southborough has two distinct ways to spell its name.  

How do you spell "Southborough?" 

Actually, whichever way you choose.





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