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If you are selling your own home and you thought that you could not get your home listed in the MLS Real Estate Agents use, THINK AGAIN. We now offer Flat Fee MLS listings to For Sale By Owner sellers. Our packages include all of the features of our website plus the power of the Local MLS. We offer 3, 6 or 12 Month listings.

Features you will get on our website.

Listing in the Realtor MLS and on Realtor.com!
Name your commission! 1%, 2%, 2.5% or 3%
List on our website, The Realtors MLS, and Realtor.com
Show and describe up to 20 views of your home!
Featured Home on HomesByOwner.com!
Detailed Traffic (Hit) Reporting
Free Photo-Flyers... Instantly!!!
24 Hour Property Hotline
Direct Web Address: www.HomesByOwner.com/12345 Place this in your Newspaper Ads
FREE Listing on Yahoo! Real Estate Classifieds
FREE Listing on Google Base
FREE Listing on Oodle.com
Perfect for home owners with a digital camera!

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Sarah Harrisson
Promode - McGregor, GA

Your package of services is big enough. But I've made use of some useful services offered at http://www.fizber.com/sale-by-owner-home-services/flat-fee-mls.htm. Reasonable price, much lower than with a usual broker.


Jun 10, 2008 11:42 PM