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Scrub Until it SparklesVacuum behind couches and under the bed. Scrub out stains in the carpet and wash all of the windows inside and out. Scour ceiling fans. Open windows to let in the fresh air, and let the light in. And have a friend perform a sniff test. You may not notice the smells of your Lansdale house, you are used to it.  Lansdale home

Clobber the ClutterGo room by room and purge. The less stuff you have, the bigger the house will seem. Get rid of anything personal. Clean out closets, the basement and the garage. Get rid of what you are not moving and store the rest if possible.

Pay Attention to DetailsTake a second look at all closets, cabinets, basement and garage. Organize what remains after the purge. Patch walls, fix leaking faucets and replace burned-out light bulbs. Hide wastebaskets or empty them. Toilet seats down.

Camouflage with PaintIt's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. Paint not only makes a house look better, it also helps with odor. Pick neutrals such as warm tans, honeys, taupe and sage.

Entice buyers to enterGo across the street to get a good look. Your eye should be drawn to the door, not to the grass that needs mowing, the overgrown weeds or that old rain gutter. If people don't like what they see on the outside they may not come inside.Lansdale home

Define each roomDon't force a buyer to guess a room's purpose. Figure out its true intent and then furnish it accordingly.

Use furniture wiselyAnd sparingly. Big furniture makes a room seem smaller.

Let there be lightTurn on every light in the house - even in daytime. In general, use 100 watt bulbs. Unless a window looks on to a garbage dump, keep drapery open.
Call me if you are thinking of selling your Lansdale home. I have more really great ideas to get your Lansdale home sold.
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