Understanding Real Estate Agency in Illinois - for Home Sellers in Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth and Glencoe

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Understanding Real Estate Agency in Illinois
For Home Sellers in Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth and Glencoe

When you look up "real estate agency" in Google, you will find a list of real estate agencies that are in the business of helping you buy, sell, or lease real estate.  That is not what I am discussing when I say  "agency."

The word agency when applied to real estate in this case means how I, your real estate listing agent in Winnetka or other North Shore suburbs, define my relationship with you.  In Illinois, the rules are specific and they are different in other states.  

There are different types of agency whether I represent you as the seller, the buyer, or both.Understanding Real Estate Agency in Illinois

As your listing agent, I am called your designated agent - I work only for you.  Here is what you need to know:

  • Confidential information can be shared with me - as your designated agent I am bound to confidentiality on your behalf.


  • If you happen to be home during a showing (which I will otherwise explain why that is not a good idea), you should use extreme caution not to disclose any confidential information.  When other agents are showing your home to their clients, they are working for their buyer clients only.


  • We will discuss how appointments to show your property will be handled


  • I will explain how public open houses work and the possibility that another agent from my office might sit the open house for me.  Again, you should be cautious in what you say to that agent.

As your Winnetka, Wilmette, or Kenilworth listing agent, I am bound to confidentiality to protect you and your interests in the sale of your home.  I will not divulge that you are getting a divorce, are taking a job out-of-state, are downsizing, or whatever information you don't want me to discuss.  

As they say. "Anything you say can be used against you" and I am here to make sure that doesn't happen.

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