Free Surf Clinic with Rich Kids, Saturday, Feb 18th @ 9am in Santa Monica

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One of the things that I treasure most about Rich Kids more than anything else is the relationships that are made throughout the buying and selling process. I’ve always said that we are a social network unto ourselves in the sense that a fellow agent or client can call me or my team with a question about real estate, but can also call me when they’ve been dumped, landed a great gig they want to share, or just need someone to listen. There is certainly a bond that we share with our clients that is distinctly Rich Kids that I really dig.

With that said, I am excited to bring you “Living Richly with Rich Kids”. You’ve seen us in bed, having drinks, sunbathing in the moonlight at the W (obviously we do this all the time), but what happens on a Saturday when there is a rare occurrence that we have some free time? Ala the mighty Oprah, I wanted to extend wellness and all the great outdoor activities LA has to offer to our clients/friends.

As many of you know, one of my newest loves and stress relievers of 2012 has been surfing. For the last couple months, I have been trying to go out 2-3 times a week either by myself or with an instructor. I am not going to lie, I totally suck! However, I have a blast and there is just no better rush than catching your first wave. I can’t shut up about it and want to share this new passion/experience first hand with all of you. This is an open invitation to friends, clients, readers, or anyone who happens to see this on Facebook or my blog…also, pass along to anyone who might want to join:

The Rich Kids Free Surf Clinic 

Location: Santa Monica/SAMO Beach (Bay Street at the Ocean) 

Day/Time: Saturday, Feb 18th at 9am (be there a bit early)

Meeting Spot: The Parking Lot on the Sand on Bay Street to the Left of the Parking Attendant. You’ll see a Silver Mercedes with Surf Racks and A Jeep With Boards, Etc.

The Details: Local Surf Instructor Sergio Will Be there to Provide Us With a Hour Free Clinic. He Has Boards and Wetsuits (you will not be cold in the suit…I promise) – $15 for a Suit/$20 for a Board. If You Have Either or Both Bring. For Us Beginners, He’ll Be With Us the Whole Time. For Intermediate to Advanced, You Can Play and He Can Offer Tips in the Water. All Abilities, Levels Welcome. Just Be Ready for Fun and Become an Addict!

RSVP: Suits and Boards are in Limited Quantity, So Please Let Me Know if You Can Make it and What Equipment You Need!

Dying to Bust Your Board and Wetsuit Out But They No Longer Fit in Yor Porsche (Pinto, Yugo, etc) and Live in BH or WeHo? I Can Fit 4 Boards on My Rack (that sounds strangely provocative)…Let Me Know and We Can Carpool!!!

If you have always been dying to try surfing, but don’t want to make the investment in equipment or spend $100 bucks an hour on private lessons, this is your chance to give it a go on me. Please feel free to email, call, or send a message in a bottle with any questions. I am STOKED!!!!!!

Check out Surfline for FAQS on beginner surfing, waves, tides, and fun facts!!

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