Top Ten Posts On 'Trust' - Open to Voting for iPad Winner

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Wow!  These are all great blog entries and posts on 'Trust"! I am not surprised that they won the top 11!! I have voted for my favorite.......!!

Original content by ActiveRain Real Estate Network

To start off the new year, Beth and the team at Adobe EchoSign hosted a contest on ActiveRain that forced us to look at our feelings on trust. There were well over 200 submissions and we had the pleasure (actually, it was painstakingly difficult, so I'm not sure pleasure is the correct word) of reviewing all of these submissions and coming up with a top ten to put in front of the members for a vote.

In fact, it was so hard, we couldn't pick ten. We picked 11. And then we realized that one of the 11 posts was submitted after the deadline.....and we were able to settle at 10. There were another 20 or so posts that could very easily have made it into the top 10 (11).

At almost every turn there were amazing stories and crazy insight into how we (as a collective) view trust. There were certainly some consistent themes, a great deal of dichotomy, and we could tell many people put a great deal of thought into the subject. If your post doesn't show up here, it's not because it wasn't great or didn't impact us. It's borderline amazing that we've even been able to get down to a top 10 (11). 

Now you get to pick the winner. The post receiving the most votes by 11:59pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, February 23rd will win. The author of the winning post will get an iPad, as was laid out in the original announcement of the contest. The second and third place winners, based on the number of votes those posts receive, will win a $150 gift card and a $100 gift card respectively.

And here they are, in order based on when they were submitted. We hope that you will read each of these posts and place a vote in the polling software below for your favorite post. Glad it's you voting and not me, because I have no idea who to pick......Have fun and congrats to the ten (11) finalists.

The Top Ten Submissions:

Remembering Trust - Dick Greenberg tells the story of a long lost acquaintance, trust.

Trust is Learned at Home - Phil Leng tells of learning of his father's passing and the memories it invoked and relates it to his grandchildren today, complete with a video of trust in action.

Nine Steps to Trust - Ken Cash gives us 9 steps we can use to build trust in ourselves, and build up others trust in us.

Trust More, Not Less - Chris Hardy discusses the convenant of trust and how trusting more will lead to more trust in your own life.

Trust Me? No Trust Yourself - Valerie Baker shares how trusting yourself can impact how much trust you place in others.

Trust and Real Estate Mix Like Oil and Vinegar - Ruthmarie Hicks writes about the challenges of the real estate industry as they relate to trust from the consumer.

What Does a Fake Tooth Have to do with Trust? - Kasey Boles writes about a seemingly innocent experience that had a major impact on her feelings regarding trust.

Trust is Multidimensional - Andrea Bedard writes about the many facets of trust as they relate to her different roles in life, including being a military spouse.

If You Remember One Thing, Remember This - Jo-Anne Smith tells the story of a broker with many years experience and Peter, a brand new agent just starting his career.

Trust Just Slipped In - Barbara Hensley shares the journey of a great business relationship and how trust found it's way into that relationship.

The Voting:

Once you've had a chance to read this amazing set of posts, please take a moment to vote for your favorite post below. Voting is based on IP address and we ask that you vote one time, and polldaddy will do it's best to ensure that happens.


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