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I am searching for individuals who are looking to broaden there investment strategies and portfolios. I am an investment coordinator for Sierra Capital Lending Group based in Las Vegas. In addition I am the president of C & B Consulting Group which primarily focuses on joining investors with project investment opportunities. There are several other strategies that we practice that I will go into detail with on your inquiry.

I am seeking investors that are interested in joint venturing on projects that we are and will be funding in the future.

For example: We are putting together a 24 Million Dollar Development in Malibu, CA but require a joint venture party to be involved. The return on joint venture participants is extremely lucrative and will often times yield a 150% return on capital investments.

Secondly I am seeking real estate investors. I come across so many opportunities it would make your mind spin! Usually I am able to find investments on .50 on the dollar. Basically if you are a real estate investor and want to be notified when these types of investments beocme available I will give you exclusive rights to my real estate wealth team where you will be emailed on new portfolios that are available. They go quick so you need to be a serious buyer.

I look forward to your responses and if you have any questions please email me at bsurdi@benjaminsurdi.com

Thanks so much,

Benjamin J. Surdi

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