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Believe it or not the rates for mortgages today are still very low.  Part of the loan officers problems and realtors problems today is the perception that it is a bad time to buy.  The opposite is in fact true.  It couldn't be a better time to buy.  Over come this perception.  How you ask?

  •  Over come the objections: 

"Rates are too high."  Ask them what a low rate is to them.  Their answer should be between 5% and 6%.  Let them know that those are the going rates for today.  They are attainable.  If they say anthing below these numbers let them know that the people that got those loans no longer have a house. 

"The Prices are too high."  Right now buyers are staying out of the market because the values are coming down a bit.  They want to wait till the market has hit a bottom.  Let them know that prices are very low, and that once the market hits the bottom it'll be too late.   They should buy today.

Brian Hoots
Real Living Speckman Realty, Inc. - Bourbonnais, IL
Andrew, great point it is a great time to buy,  welcome to active rain. 
Nov 26, 2007 09:58 AM