Sex on the Beach - Rich Kids Surf Day A Total Blast

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Rich Kids Surf Day was an awesome way to kick off Living Richly with Rich Kids!!!! We had about 7 people turn up (not everyone wanted to be photographed in their suits, lol), caught some waves, and had a amazing time. Surfing in mid February…this is what living in LA is all about!!! Life can be so hectic, that it is completely reinvigorating to get out there and just enjoy the SoCal lifestyle.

There is a perception amongst people who have never been to LA that life here is all about the sex, the parties, beautiful homes, hanging at the beach – having it all. You know what? They are absolutely right :)Those Rich Kids freezing your buns off…come check out SoCal. I don’t know one other city where dreams come true every day and you have the ability to create a life beyond your wildest imaginations.

I have to say I have the absolute best job in the world! I am pumped for the next “Living Richly w/ Rich Kids” event. Hiking? Kayaking? Binge Drinking? I am open to suggestions!!!!

I am looking forward to hanging out again!

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As far as erotic stories go this is one of the better written ones I've read but it's hard for me to give any erotica story a five star rating. Isn't that rating saved for serious literature? Well, anyway this story is fun and creative and the sex scenes are descriptive. No editing errors like other stories in this genre.

 Worth reading and the price is good too.

Apr 11, 2012 06:08 PM