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AKA "The King" & "Mambo King"
1990 - January 10,2007

Simba, Golden Retriever, was born in spring of 1990 at Phoenix Lake, CA in the foothills of the "Mother Lode" and grew up in the tiny Sierra Village of Arnold California. In 199, he moved to "Sunny Gasquet" where he has resided until his death in January 2007. Simba's longevity can be attributed to his diet of Science Diet Light (and a daily biscuit from his 'ol buddy Buzz) and plenty of exercise. Simba actually lived two full lives and enjoyed fishing, backpacking as well as swimming in the ocean and rivers. His favorite hike was a Lawrence and Barrett Lakes in the Desolation Wilderness near Lack Tahoe. Simba always hiked in style with his very own backpack. On long or overnight hikes, he carried his own food and sleeping blanket. On the return hike, he would pack out the camp garbage and his trusty blanket.

Simba came to love the "wild and scenic Smith River" where he went on many fishing trips with his "master" Verne, in a drift boat. He also fished the Rogue River in Oregon regularly. While he did enjoy his boat trips, he truly lived for the times when he could accompany his master on fly fishing trips. Those trips, however, were limited as he had a special fondness for decaying salmon. He often had to stay home on fly fishing days.

Simba loved fetching the newspaper and delivering it to Donna or Verne. On days when there wasn't a delivery, he wouldn't come home until he found someone else's newspaper. He was totally active and played and swam frequently up until the very end. Simba passed away peacefully, snuggled up in his tempurpedic bed with a tennis ball between his paws.

Simba was an absolutely awesome dog and was loved by everyone who met him. He will be greatly missed. He is survived by his family, Verne and Donna Zorn, Scott Zorn, Joe and Trina Snipes, all of Gasquet and Crescent City, Stan Zorn of Modesto, Todd Zorn of Santa Barbara, Shadow and Harry of Gasquet. Simba will be honored and remembered at a private family gathering near his favorite fishing and swimming hole on "the river."

This acknowledgement is for anyone and everyone who has ever truly loved and lost their pet. Simba was a longtime family member who we will never forget.



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