Southwest Missouri Relocation: Great Highway Access

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Considering relocation to Southwest Missouri?  Here's another great reason to come join us! 

Southwest Missouri sits at a crossroads of the great U.S. highway system

That's not very romantic, you say!  Why don't you tell us about the beautiful trees, the rolling hills, the laid-back pace of life in the country?  Well, I will, but in another blog post.  Today, let's be practical for a moment.

Our highway sytem helps drive our economy and makes your life more convenient. 

  • Proximity to major highways drives a strong job market...producers in Southwest Missouri can move their goods efficiently.
  • Southwest Missouri puts you on the quick road to far-away family or vacation destinations throughout the U.S.
  • Commutes and shopping trips to larger cities in our area are simple...just get on the highway.

Take a look at the map below.  Find Interstate 44, and Highway 71.  That's all you need!

  • Interstate 44 runs southwest out of Springfield to Joplin, and continues to Oklahoma City.  From there, pick up I-40 and head southwest, or drive I-35 all the way down into Texas. 
  • Going the other way?  Take I-44 back east to St. Louis and pick up Interstate 70 for an easy connection to all points east of the mighty Mississippi.
  • Hop on Highway 71 running north out of Carthage, a simple exit straight off I-44.  It becomes Interstate 29.  That picks up I-70 in Kansas City, or I-80 in Omaha.  Both of these will give you a long east-west run, and in the case of I-80, you can drive it until you pretty much hit ocean on either side.

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Southwest Missouri has you covered!  Every area I serve is within easy reach of either 71 or I-44.  It's usually half an hour or less to one or the other.

Take a hard look at the map of other rural areas you may be considering for relocation.  Will their roads take you everywhere you want to go?

Presented by:  Judith Reppert, Your Southwest Missouri Real Estate Specialist

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Amber Bourland
Ozarks' Independent Realty - West Plains, MO
Good info, Judith! I personally prefer the laid-back pace, the beautiful panoramic views, the friendly people... but yeah, when I wanna go somewhere, decent routes are always important!
Nov 29, 2007 03:58 AM