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Online photography is booming in real estate, but are we fully taking advantage of it? Yes we can put good looking photos up and we can put a lot up as well. But I believe that there is more we can do with these photos to really get the potential buyer interested in the home.

Home Photos and Description

Here's an example of what I do to my photos to really get the potential buyers attention online. I give them multiple views of the same room so they can really get the feeling of the room, but then I also add verbiage to the photos! I don't go overboard on the size of the verbiage or the amount, I just point at the little things that the viewer might've missed when just looking at the photos. This is no different than what I might do when actually giving a tour of the home.

Photo Collage

Here's another thing I do that you can see in the one above as well. It's a photo collage that really highlights different areas of a room or feature. These photos in and of themselves are not fantastic but when added to the other photos it gives the potential buyer the feeling of the space all at once, as if they were there.

Patio Individual

Here's another example of how I use verbiage and arrows to point out the little things that snow has covered up. I have another picture on the same listing that the seller's had taken during the summer but I wanted to have updated photos as well. I've just pointed out the things that might've been missed normally in just viewing the photo.

I use these methods to help my listings stand out online. What do you think?

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Iris Stuart
none - Santa Rosa, CA

Gena, I think the judicious use of labels pointing out details is a great idea.  One of my frustrations with photos on the MLS (after the total lack of, or very poor quality) is the lack of labeling.  Most agents just don't take the time to do this.  Great idea for use of a collage too.  

Feb 24, 2012 02:44 PM