Getting off late at night? Protect yourself. Don't become a Victim

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Did you know that there were 9273 murders, 29758 acts of forcible rape, 369105 aggravated assaults that  occurred in 2006? That's one happening every minute. If you think this is just a number and it is not going to happen to you and your family, think again!

According to the FBI annual uniform crime report, most of these crimes take place at night. If you have a job at a hospital, restaurant, factory or retail store that often requires getting off work late at night, you need something to protect yourself. It doesn't matter if you are male or female; criminals often pick their victim based on vulnerability not gender. If they know you are not prepared or they consider you an easy target, you could become the next victim.

Police officers often teach self defense classes in the local community. One thing they teach is that the most effective aspect of self defense is awareness. If you want to avoid being a crime victim, you first have to realize that there is possibility that you could become one. You have to face the reality that crimes happen all the time and it could happen to anyone including you and your loved ones. So being prepared is the number one way to save yourself when the situation arises.

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Don't become a Victim

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