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Decisions, Decisions! New Construction Home or Pre Existing Home in Antioch, CA? (Part I)

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Decisons, Decisions! New Construction Home or Pre-Existing Home in Antioch, CA? (Part I)

Black Diamond Canyon EntranceAs with anything, there are decisions to be made when considering the purchase of a new home. Buying a home is a major purchase, one to be thought out very carefully. It is  generally not an "impulse buy", but is one that will effect your life for many years to come. That is why it is imperative to weigh out this life changing decision very carefully.

Have you ever driven by a new construction home in a subdivision and thought, "I would LOVE to have a new home like that?" I would venture to say that a large percentage of the population have done that at one time or another. There is much to be said for newly built homes and there are many pro's to purchasing a new construction home. First of all the models are usually staged with lovely furnishings and upgrades , they offer a brand spanking new house that has not been previously occupied, and offer the ability for the prospective home buyer to add upgrades galore ,and in many cases if the house is not yet completed, to change the floor plan. There is also the ability to chose the outside ascetics of the home, as well as customized landscaping.

However, consideration must also be given to other factors. For instance in Antioch, there is what is known as Antioch Mello Roos Tax. According to the Contra Costa County Tax Office, this is a supplemental tax on homes built after 1989 in Antioch. New subdivisions often times have to install new infrastructure, such as Antioch parks, roads, Antioch Schools and street lights, thus incurring a more costly Antioch Mello Roos Tax. Often the Mello Roos Tax is a 20 or 30 year tax, or can continue indefinitely. The closer a new home is to say a street light, the higher the Antioch Mello Roos Tax can be. In other words depending upon the parcel on which the house sits, and its location in reference to the new infrastructure , this will determine the amount of the Antioch Mello Roos Tax. It is always wise to check with your Realtor or the Contra Costa County Tax Office to determine what the anticipated Antioch Mello Roos Tax will be on a new construction property you are considering to purchase.

Other factors to consider include the fact that there are many wonderful pre-existing homes on the market in Antioch, at a great value. Since 2005, Antioch has seen a significant change in the housing market. This has resulted in many Foreclosures, Auctions and Short Sale Homes. Foreclosures, Auctions and Short Sales have provided prospective Home Owners an opportunity to purchase a home in Antioch at a remarkable price.Entrance to Canada Hills in Antioch

Decisions, Decisions, New Constructions Home or Pre-Existing Home in Antioch Part II, we will discuss the Pro's and Con's of purchasing a pre-existing home. Either way, whether you are considering purchasing a  new construction home or pre-existing home, you will find Antioch a great place to live!

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