7 Productivity Boosting Tips for REALTORS®

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As you read the tips below, you'll be thrilled to discover that implementing just a few of them will have a dramatic impact on your productivity.

We've tested these techniques with the top agents from around the country and are glad to share them with you below!

7 Productivity Boosting Tips for REALTORS®

1. Evaluate your effectiveness.

Write down EVERYTHING you do and how long it takes. Don’t skimp on the details. Then categorize your tasks into the following areas: Income generating activities, Administrative, Health and Wellness, Family, Fun, Other. What percentage of your day is spent on income productive activities? The results may scare you!

2. Schedule income producing tasks first. real estate leads

Never have enough time for prospecting? Schedule it every day. Generating new business is one of the most important jobs for a real estate agent and yet it is often the first item that slips off the daily schedule. Prospecting earlier in the day is better while you are fresh and before your day gets away from you.

3. Outsource Non Dollar Productive tasks.

Outsource unproductive tasks so you can focus on items that will make you money. Virtual assistants can be a cost effective solution for agents looking to outsource administrative tasks. Listing management, transaction management and marketing are just a few of the tasks a skilled assistant can take off your plate to make you more productive.

4. Delete non income-producing tasks from your day. social media for real estate

Go ahead, delete them- I’m not kidding. There are some tasks that we should simply just delete – they have  no value. If it can be deleted – do it and don’t feel guilty.

5. Manage your Inbox and your Smart Phone.

Don’t let them manage you. It’s important to be responsive to clients but many emails and phone messages are unimportant. Use filters to help you focus on the important and delete the rest.  Control your schedule by setting expectations as to when you will check messages and respond. Set pre-established times to update clients that fit your schedule. Close your email when you are doing your most important tasks to make sure you don’t get distracted.

6. Don’t multi-task.

We used to think multi-tasking was a productivity booster yet studies have shown that multi-tasking actually decreases concentration and productivity. Focus on your task at hand, finish it and move on to the next item on the list. TIP: Do your least favorite dollar productive tasks first and get them off your plate. You’ll save time by not having to worry about them later and the rest of your day will feel easier.

7. Systematize.

Without systems, we spend time reinventing the wheel time and again. Repetitive tasks can be simplified to save you time. Create document templates for questions you frequently get asked. You can save all of your frequently used phrases, pages, scripts and more in evernote.com and easily pull them up later.

For help implementing any of the steps above, contact Certified Real Estate Coach Steve Gutstein for some free advice and inspiration!

Steve Gutstein

Certified Real Estate Coach @ REIC

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George Bennett
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Great ideas and good advice. Thanks for posting.

Feb 20, 2012 06:11 AM