We have now lost 192 lenders since late 2006

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Since late 2006 192 major U.S. lending operations have "imploded" here's a continuation from my previous blog post from 8/22/07. 

192. Charter One (Wholesale)
191. Wells Fargo - Home Equity
190. Paul Financial, LLC
189. Webster Bank (Wholesale)
188. Fieldstone Mortgage Company
187. Tribeca Lending Corp. (Wholesale)
186. WAMU Comm. Correspondent
185. Marlin Mortgage Company
184. Countrywide Specialty Lending
183. UBS Home Finance
182. MortgageIT-DB (Retail)
181. Edgewater Lending Group
180. ResMAE Mortgage Corp.
179. Citimortgage Correspondent (2nds)
178. AMC Lending
177. Southern Star Mortgage (Wholesale)
176. Liberty American Mortgage
175. Exchange Financial (Wholesale)
174. FirstBank Mortgage
173. Bank of America (Wholesale)
172. Diablo Funding Group Inc.
171. Honor State Bank
170. Spectrum Financial Group
169. National City - Home Equity, Correspondent
168. Priority Funding Mortgage Bankers
167. BrooksAmerica Mortgage Corp.
166. Valley Vista Mortgage
165. New State Mortgage Company
164. Summit Mortgage Company
163. WMC
162. Paragon Home Lending
161. First Mariner Wholesale
160. The Lending Connection
159. Foxtons, Inc.
158. SCME Mortage Bankers (Wholesale)
157. Aapex Mortgage (Apex Financial Group)
156. Wells Fargo (various Correspondent and Non-prime divisions)
155. Nationstar Mortgage
154. Decision One (HSBC)
153. Impac Lending Group (Wholesale)
152. E-Trade Wholesale Lending
151. Long Beach (WaMu Warehouse/Correspondent)
150. Expanded Mortgage Credit Wholesale
149. The Mortgage Store Financial
148. C & G Financial
147. CFIC Home Mortgage
146. BrokerSource (BSM Financial - Wholesale)
145. All Fund Mortgage
144. LownHome Financial
143. Sea Breeze Financial Services
142. Castle Point Mortgage
141. Premium Funding Corp
140. Group One Lending
139. Allstate Home Loans / Allstate Funding
138. Home Loan Specialists (HLS)
137. Transnational Finance Wholesale
136. CIT Home Lending

Here's the site for more information.    http://ml-implode.com/

Just remember, every time you hear about the economy doing better-specifically the unemployment rate, just remember how many salaried, hourlyand/or commission based people have lost their jobs and either aren't eligible for unemployment or have taken lessor paying jobs and haven't claimed any entitlements! 




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