Helping Buyers Of New Construction Understand The HERS Index

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New Homes at Highfield Commons located in Rochester, New Hampshire are HERS Certified...


During our home tours at Highfield Commons we quite frequently are explaing the HERS Index .  What that means to your new home and the value of such a Certification. 

The HERS Index is a scoring system established by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) in which a home built to the specifications of the HERS Reference Home (based on the 2004 International Energy Conservation Code) scores a HERS Index of 100, while a net zero energy home scores a HERS Index of 0. The lower a home's score, the more energy efficient it is in comparison to the HERS Reference Home.


Each 1-point decrease in the HERS Index corresponds to a 1% reduction in energy consumption compared to the HERS Reference Home. Therefore, a home with a HERS Index of 85 is 15% more energy efficient than the HERS Reference Home and a home with a HERS Index of 80 is 20% more energy efficient.


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