The Power of Personal Notes

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Real Estate Lethbridge

Taking the Brian Buffini 100 Days to Greatness Program, a major concept being taught is the use of personal notes.  I cannot stress how great this is in helping my business grow.  I am getting more referred leads each week than I was ready for, I am closing more deals than I thought I could normally do, and I am adding more high-quality contacts to my database on a daily basis.  This is definately a system I would recommend any new or newer agent to implement to start a profitable real estate business.

The best part about this program, complimented with the other programs in the 100 Days to Greatness, is that it makes you go out and work!  You are required to keep a daily log of activities, master various buyer and seller systems, scripts, and ways to generate business by referral, which creates each day an exciting day.

I can't wait until we are finished the 100 Days to start really noticing all the hard work and awesome results that are about to happen!

If anyone else has advice, tips, comments, etc. on their experiences on the 100 Days to Greatness, I would really enjoy reading about them.  Especially how your business is working after the 100 days. 

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