Top real estate sites review. Part 2.

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For many people the thought of living in a period property would not be ideal, however, many of these period properties are extremely charismatic and often historically listed, which, although this may cause some future concerns regarding any extensions or renovations, living in a period property can be a very satisfying and rewarding experience. On many occasions, just browsing real estate websites will not reveal the results you are looking for. You may find one or two properties scattered onto various sites, but undoubtedly, your search may well prove fruitless. So if you are searching for a particular type of period property is there a better alternative than just browsing real estate websites? The answer may well be Period

Period was one of the top five Google listed websites, during september of 2011 they were the number one Google ranked website for Period Property. If you are browsing real estate websites searching for a period property, then this particular website is possibly your best option for finding the widest choice of Listed properties in the United Kingdom. The Period Property UK website is well designed and updated regularly, with a featured period property of the week, and also one of the month. Their property listings vary in price, however, it would be difficult to find one that did not carry a rather large price tag, as most of the property's advertised are very large, spacious, and expensive.

Advertising prices for people selling their property through Period Property UK are very reasonable. Unlike a conventional Estate Agent who takes a commission from the agreed sale price, vendors pay a one-time fee dependant of the level of service they wish to use. With their top rated service costing only Ј139.00 per year, compared to 1% of the selling price, asked for by the average estate agent, it is easy to see why many vendors are using Period Property UK as a base to advertise their property.

With the featured area UK map on the front page, you are immediately given a selection of twelve separate regions to choose from, including Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, all areas are covered making browsing real estate websites for each individual area a thing of the past. If there is a specific type of period property you wish to purchase, and cannot find one suitable on the website, you have the option of inputting your email address and contact details, ensuring that you are immediately informed the moment a period property matching your designated details becomes available.

After a detailed review of Period Property UK, we fully believe that browsing real estate websites for a period or Listed property will become a thing of the past as more and more people turn to the internet to sell their property.


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