What's worse? Cats meow (or pee) or a dog's bark?

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More and more we are coming across the question concerning whether dogs should be allowed in community living. I understand that due to allergies and or fears dogs can be an issue. But let's be honest, if you look at the demographics of people moving to Evanston (especially near downtown and the lake), are restrictive buildings discriminating against potential buyers?

As part of a team that sells property in both Chicago and Evanston we are finding that many of the buyers for condominiums and cooperatives have some sort of animal. More often than not these potential neighbors are moving to the area because they wish to walk their dog and enjoy the many advantages of near-lake living. We have had to turn away multiple offers, often for list price, because a building will not accept a dog. We have even had offers where the buyer has an elder pet and agrees not to get another one when they pass.

One of the more interesting issues to arise, is that association members have actually accused our sellers of "low balling" a building when they lower their price after months on the market, even though they had multiple offers on their home that had a dog in the family.

I guess what I am asking is...

1 Are these buildings discriminating against pet owners?

2 Is there a happy middle ground?

3 Any ideas on finding non dog owners to buy these units?

4 Any ideas on how to get a building to allow dogs?


What do you think?

Charlie Ragonesi - Big Canoe, GA
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I am a dog lover but one thing that really griped me in apt living was a dog barking all the time when the owner was at work. So I have no answer for you.
Nov 29, 2007 06:18 AM
Martinelli Caputi
Martinelli Caputi & Associates, Ltd. - Warwick, RI
& Associates, Ltd.
Jefferson:  A very interesting post.  It's really not a discrimination issue... although... as a huge fan of dogs... I find it very insulting.  I know some buildings do accept smaller dogs (which, in my opinion, are less damaging than cats).  However, the issue only exists to hurt the owner/developer's pocket... if you're turning away enough listing price offers, it should make the owner think twice!!  The question is, can you get more value in the end if you can guarantee residents that there will be no furry friends?  I wonder.
Nov 29, 2007 06:22 AM
Charlottesville Solutions - Charlottesville, VA

Hi Jefferson:

I suppose it just gets down to $$$...if NO PETS (or NO DOGS or NO BIRDS - Cats - Snakes etc..policy appeals to a wide enough market and units sell as a result, bingo.  But that cuts out a lot of potential buyers..and I suspect the larger the community, the less likely a No Dogs policy would be viable.  Then again, maybe they could have sections that are Pet Free?

I do know that my (student) son, who has a wonderful (and quiet) dog, had to move out of an apartment complex because the people in the unit below his had a small dog that barked - all night long.  And they left their windows open all the time.  The "management" said tough luck - and only after some legal intervention by a lawyer in the family was he allowed to break his lease and find a new place.  Now, he always checks the pet status of anyone living in adjacent units. 

Nov 29, 2007 06:57 AM
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Hello Jefferson,

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Nov 29, 2007 09:38 AM
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