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At Guild, we know you have a voice in where and who you entrust with what is most likely the largest financial commitment you will ever make.  We want to give you that voice and entrust this life altering financial decision with us.  We have an expanded blend of products and services that will help you find the right mortgage product to meet your needs. Our team of licensed and experienced loan officer’s can help guide you through the rules, regulations, and minefield of home financing.
Guild Mortgage Company has stood the test of time and we have differentiated ourselves from the corporate institutional banks by creating a culture of trust, integrity, and sense of community.  We don’t see your home financing as just another item on an assembly line, but rather a long-lasting relationship built on our over 50 years of home lending experience.
Here are several ways our commitment to stability will benefit you!

  • Your loan on time, every time!  With local fulfillment, you won’t be sent off to a faraway call center but will get your loan processed, underwritten, loan documents drawn, and loan funded in the region you applied!
  • Loan Servicing – We have over 7 billion dollars in loans that we service, this means that there is a great chance that YOUR loan will be serviced by the same people that helped you get the financing to begin with!
  • Long term relationship – We don’t believe your loan is the end of your relationship with us, but rather the beginning. We hope to be there for your next home, or even your vacation home. Our loan officer’s are committed to making sure you get the very best home finance information along the way to make a well-informed home financing decision.
Knowing that we have been there and made it through the ever changing real estate industry over the past 5 decades means that we are well-equipped to make it the next 5.  Call us today to get pre approved or to be introduced to one of our licensed loan officers.

All loans are subject to underwriter final approval, terms and conditions may apply. Subject to change without notice. Always consult an Accountant or Tax Advisor for full eligibility requirements on tax deductions.
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Comments (2)

Rex Weidow

Nice post!  Guild is reputedly a great company.  It just too bad that their rates & fees are so high!  Most of us just cannot afford to do business with them, as there are lots of other stable, excellent companies with lower rates & fees, who always close on time too.

Even Wells Fargo guarantees that they will close your purchase loan on time or pay the 1st monthly payment's principal & interest to make it up to you.

In my humble opinion, working with small time mom & pop loan servicers isn't always the best idea either.  Always nice to do online bi-weekly payments (without incurring some 3rd party fee) or to just drop off a payment at a local bank branch or via ATM.

Mar 08, 2012 03:37 AM
Tom Jarzynka
Axia Home Loans & Real Estate Investment Firm - Seattle, WA

Hey Rex,


Thanks for the post... do you do business outside of VA?  Guild offices are mainly located on the West Coast, although Guild is starting to branch out to other regions... but, I do not see any offices in VA yet?  Anyway, I do not have those issues you listed in your comment when competing for deals and we are a mortgage bank that processes, underwrites and funds in house and turn times are very quick; we have a docs 5 days before closing guarantee on purchases.  We fund off of a handful of wholesale lines, and we sell direct to FNMA and FMHLC.  We can broker out, but we all know how big of a pain that is these days and if there is any difference in price or rate, I can generally win with our willingness to meet competing offers through branch credits, etc.  

Anyway, sounds like you have had a different experience which leads me to believe you are dealing with a different shop -  Let me know.   


Thanks for the post,



Mar 08, 2012 03:54 AM