The Secret To Getting Your House Sold In Jersey City That Realtors Won't Tell You

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Most Realtor's Think Telling You Joe Public What You Want To Hear and Pricing Your Home at The Price You Would Like Is all Fine and Dandy.

You see the simple fact is that this is a Win- Lose proposition from the start, Here is why:

They will take your over priced home expose it to gather buyers so they can then take those buyers and sell them their other listings or those of their competitors. In the mean time you are up Keeping and make payments on your home.

You have now been on the market for 3 months missed the few Buyers Who are Qualified and Motivated to Purchase Your home .  You are now chasing the market downwards. They will now show you" New Statistics" that reflect that Your Home Is Over Priced and that in order To Meet Your Pressing Financial Obligation You Need To Reduce Your Price.

" WIN FOR THEM LOSE FOR YOU" You see they cannot afford to stay in business if they don't sell homes they have operating /daily expense's to cover. So you pay one way or another.

A Well Priced listing is the most important factor in marketing the property for top price. Naturally, listing a property too low will preclude the opportunity for getting top dollar. On the other hand , setting the price too high discourages showings and tends to eliminate the most likely buyers from viewing the property.

Simply Put," Price it Right...From the Beginning"!!!

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