A Customer Centric Model In Real Estate is Essential For Service Excellence.

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Posted by Nathan Holman under What is Service Quality? What is Service Excellence? Is our answer to these questions the same as our customers answer. (If we were to ask them?)

I find these questions both fascinating and challenging and as a business owner, a professional and as a Real Estate Agent & REALTOR, I am inclined to try and answer these questions head on.  I have spent the last 15 years studying and practicing management and leadership in large organisations that have invested thousands and thousands of dollars trying to find leading answers to these types of questions in an effort to drive best practices. I have seen many video's and read many development materials that we should all read in the never ending pursuit of personal development and excellence. The one key answer that was common across all was that in order to deliver quality service, it first must be built around the customer for which you are trying to serve........

One of the key reasons as to why I entered this profession is that I see opportunity, opportunity to contribute, opportunity to serve and opportunity to excel. In doing so I have tried to develop my own thoughts and ideas as to a customer centric approach as to how I service my customer, understand their needs and deliver on those needs. The model below illustrates my own thoughts which stem the history of learning's, videos and readings that I outlined earlier.


Customer Centric Model


We need focus on our customers needs first, covering these simple but highly customer focused steps:

  1. Determine Needs & Wants of the customer - "What are the essential must haves - Needs", "What are the nice to haves - wants" How do you prioritise these items when searching for a home. How do you make them central to decision making and as such simplifies the whole home buying process and will probably make it less stressful for all.
  2. What is the current state and readiness of your existing home, How do you transition your home from a home to a highly desirable and marketable product that drives premium value relative to alternatives (Competition). 
  3. How does your home compete with alternative offerings on the market place, what are it's pro's and con's and how can we maximise these to drive the best end result. Furthermore based on the competition how is your home positioned relative to them and also the target market for which the home is going to be sold.
  4. Based on target market, what are the best mediums and channels of marketing that takes into account the specifics of the home and the target markets.

After completing all of this and delivering on the promise of our REALTOR responsibilities and great response to Phone Calls, our end result should be Service Excellence. Furthermore we are personalising things centered on our customers needs and wants, in that our marketing of the owners home is not performed on a "cookie cutter basis", we tailor it ensuring we are "matching our market with our marketing". The "3M's" of essential marketing success, ensures the best result for our customers. 

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Written By: Nathan Holman, REALTOR - Realty USA Southwest, Inc.

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Mallik Reddy

Hey Nathan,

You touched on the core concept of 'Service Excellence' in a service business. A Customer-Centric model is especially relevant and important in the real estate arena where service recovery is a difficult proposition.

Considering potential myriad needs of customers in this business, there is substantial opportunity for a real estate agent to offer varied services to the different target segments (within the broader buyer/seller categories) and also to personalize the service offering to the customer's specific needs. As you shared in some of your other blogs, quality and integrity are also key elements of a real estate agent's package in the current turbulent market of dubious mortgage choices and foreclosures.

Your principle of 'Excellence through Innovation, Integrity, and Quality' is well suited for any kind of market condition. Smart use of technology to enable effective and efficient service will also be a key differentiator in this somewhat 'commoditized' business. All the best in your endeavors to address this opportunity'.


Dec 02, 2007 12:05 PM