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When you look around and see nature or you take a road trip through places in Arizona, you are reminded firmly just how beautiful the world is without the human population to mess things up.  Just the natural unchanged scenes that are available to us all, if only we just pause for a moment to marvel the beauty. In the ever increasing trend of increased consumption, it is not a small wonder to realize why the subject of "Green" has started to gain such significant political and social attention.

Practically everything we do, buy and consume has an environmental impact, from the cars we drive, the food we purchase, the homes will live in and the chemicals we use to keep things clean. From a home buying and building perspective more and more people recognize the simple fact that they have a choice, or more to the point are demanding one.

It is an interesting and growing trend on home building and development in AZ, in that people are looking for greener alternatives, both in the construction and the "Carbon Foot Print" that the home creates.  I.e. is the home built with sustainable and replenish-able materials?  Some woods e.g. OAK demanded in construction and the decoration of our kitchens or floors take over 100 years to grow into a tree that can be used for raw materials.  Is this truly a material that we can use without consideration to the consumption of it or the sustainability of it. The Brazilian Rain Forrest depletion for wood export, is another great example that is used largely in building construction.

So with the wealth of great intelligence of man, what is man doing to change it's consumption behaviours and what are some Home and Real Estate developers doing to respond.  Well the best way to answer that is simply that there is promise on the horizon. Some developers are looking at their construction methods differently and materials used. As an example there is some growing trend in the use of precast concreate components to quickly construct home and building structures with less internal timbers. They are looking to the origins of their supply chain for improvements, and they are certainly looking at the end result in terms of efficiency in consumption of energy and resources such electricity and water, and develop homes that are more environmentally conscious. That is good right.....?

Well the challenge is that these homes are characteristically the higher end price tag homes and as such have a premium price tag to go with it. Mainstream has some way to catch up with the largest challenge of remaining profitable in a challenging Real Estate Market, and also remaining competitive when pitched against developers that persue a "lowest cost materials and construction approach" that is not environmentally focused.

We as humans in the end look at the "cash in or out" of our pockets. The question is "Are we ready as humans to start paying a higher price for the way we live now in the form of cash out of pocket, or are we more intent on paying a greater price of damaging our future and the beauty of the world".  Time will be the test of that......

I live in hope that the great efforts of individuals trying to change government and corporation policy, will help in continuing to raise the profile of "Green". As a REALTOR I am committed to that in the way I live and work, I am also committed to helping people find their Green Home in AZ.

Written and Published by: Nathan Holman, REALTOR and Chief Editor, M.O.R.E. - Message On Real Estate.

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