Derry, NH Market Condition - Absorption Rate 11-2007

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The Market Absorption Rate is a theory that helps to illustrate where the market is - are we in a buyers, or sellers market?

As of today Dec 1, there are 200 Residential Homes for sale in Derry, NH.

For the month of November 19 Residential Homes sold.

So, taking the 1 month sales of 19 units for November, and dividing it into the total inventory of 200 we get 10.53.

That number of 10.53 represents the theoretical number of months of inventory that is currently on the market in Derry.  A true Sellers Market would be indicated by less than 6 months of inventory.  10.53 indicates that a buyers market exists in Derry. 

Different conditions may exist at different price points.  Stay tuned for more analysis as we dig deeper into the mysteries of the Real Estate Market and how to make well informed decisions when you think about buying or selling.


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