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What is tcUpodcast?

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tcUpodcast is a simple way to present audio recordings in MP3 format, from any source, in a chronological order with a flash player. The podcast site that is created enables syndication using RSS so that your podcasts can be publicized. To help you get the word out we have included an internal link to a site that allows you to notify many popular RSS podcasting sites each time you make a new podcast.

tcUpodcast is easy to implement. Automatically notify users of new podcasts or RSS feeds. View archives of podcasts and create your own podcast with tcUpodcast.

tcUpodcast was conceived to allow audio recordings made in Talking Communities voice conference rooms to be quickly and easily placed on the web.


As a demonstration, we have posted a sample recording in You Tube to show you how tcUpodcast is EASY to use! Just click on the Video Link!


THREE simple steps to create your own audio recording using tcUpodcast:

1. Give your podcast a title

2. Write a description

3.Click SEND

See how it works by clicking here.

 Download it free here!

Link Download: http://www.talkingcommunities.com/apps/tcupodcastsetup.exe

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