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Very rarely do I introduce spiritual ideas when I'm serving my valued Clients when speaking with them.  There is an old saying I found to be true when conducting business.  The rules dictates to stay away fron God and politics when serving Clients.  My Pastor Robb Thompson shared some insights on the law of covenant recently.  Upon reading his remarks, I was reminded of how real estate is much like the law of covenant and the law of sowing and reaping.  We sow marketing and great customer service to reap valued Clients and their referrals.  Thus, when we do right by our valued Clients we operate in the law of covenant.

Pastor Thompson shares, good relationships may begin because of common purpose, mutual support, and so forth, but they endure because of commitment or covenant. What is covenant? It is, in essence, an agreement between two people that involves promises and requirements on the part of each to the other. Each party binds himself or herself to fulfill certain conditions, while also being assured of certain privileges.

In biblical covenants, God was solemnly invoked as a witness to covenant agreements. This is why contracts such as marriage are called "covenants of God." Our unchanging, eternal Lord stood as Witness, thus a breach of that covenant was regarded as a heinous sin.

Covenant is two-sided. It involves both individuals putting something into the relationship. It is conditional. In order to be a beneficiary of the advantages of the covenant relationship, each party must fulfill the obligatory requirements of the relationships. To seek the benefits (promises) of a covenant without meeting the conditions is considered a breach of the covenant.

The Bible is filled with records of covenants made. God's covenant of increase with Abraham; David and Jonathan's covenant of mutual protection; and our covenant of grace through the sacrifice of Jesus are just a few deserving mention. There is nothing as binding, nor as fulfilling, as a covenant relationship. People who have covenanted together are committed to do whatever it takes to preserve the longevity and value of their relationship. They go through hard years together. They endure the pain of character-building seasons with each other. These are not the superficial friendships, acquaintances and "arrangements" so common in today's world. These true agreements require integrity, generosity, loyalty and the demonstration of a selfless character.

I want you to gain a revelation of this truth: my ability to keep covenant with you is not dependent on your character, but upon mine. Character ensures the integrity of any covenant. Lack of character is the reason so many have repeat "miscarriages" in the arena of relationships. They just don't know how to stay and complete – to stick it out through relational adversity!

The type of character, attitude and demeanor exhibited by someone who has committed himself to a covenant relationship is the commitment to "lock in." There is no real value in transient relationships. We should take time to assess the prospective relationship.

It is pointless to make temporal choices based on ever-changing circumstances. Individuals continually approach their relationships one day at a time, making decisions as situations arise. You'll get more out of focusing on the good parts of a challenging, committed relationship than you would ever get from an easy, yet uncommitted relationship. Sadly, most people prefer periodical friendships to lifelong covenants. Your relationships must deepen as time goes on. This is the only way that they will produce the kind of life that you want to enjoy. Never be ashamed of caring too much or of holding people to their commitments. This is the foundation of covenant relationships.

The essence of covenant relationships is mutual reliance and interdependence. By personal choice, each party brings to the relationship all that he has, ready to contribute to the hopes, dreams and future of his partner. It is important to note that this sharing of resources is not the result of some "commune" mentality. The purpose of covenant is not to level the playing field. That is what I call a "prodigal's mindset." A prodigal doesn't give others the chance to choose to give – he's already got his hand out, impatiently sputtering the words of cloaked begging! The prodigal feels that he is entitled to the resources of another, and if the response is not as generous as he expected, he becomes indignant and angry. In contrast, the person in covenant is focused on contributing what he can to the relationship – he is not calculating how he can gain an advantage. When resources are given and privileges extended, he responds with profound gratitude.

The most important thing to remember is that no one owes us anything, no matter how close and intimate the relationship. By keeping a consistently grateful posture, you give your covenant partner the joy of initiating when and how he wants to bless you.

When you enter into a covenant relationship, position yourself as the giver in the relationship, not the receiver. Understand that the relationship is not a give and take arrangement – it is a give arrangement! Becoming a giver is not a result of what you do – it's who you are. The automatic response of a grateful heart is to give.

A covenant relationship is not a partnership. A 50/50 partnership is usually set up with each partner contributing part of what they have to make up the whole. A covenant relationship, however, is a 100/100 arrangement. Each party enters ready to contribute 100% to the success of the relationship, eager to give 100% of his life to promote the other's future and dreams. When both parties enter the relationship in this manner, everyone's needs get met and everyone's future is bright!

In the companionship of covenant, you must each bring to the relationship elements that the other needs. One contributes what the other lacks. Your strengths cover the other's weaknesses. Your value is determined by your diversity. Take the time to carefully watch those you are in covenant with. Observe their strong points and stay away from their strengths. In areas they are strong, they don't need you. Instead, fill in the cavities of their weaknesses, thus becoming what they need. When you are in a person's life to meet his needs and add value to him, God finds someone to meet your needs and bring value to you.

Contrary to popular opinion, your value and weight in any relationship is not obtained by demanding your "rights" or rising up and proclaiming, "That's just the way I am. You need to accept me for who I am." Your value is the difference you can bring to cause success to come to your friend. When we choose to become what we need to be for someone else, our value and influence soar.

Now, I don't choose to become what other people need because I'm afraid of what may happen if I don't. I am not passively allowing myself to be molded by another person. I become what is necessary because I realize that doing so gives me a real reason to be in that relationship. I've earned my position the moment I become what someone needs me to become. I am the one they are looking for because I have answers and solutions to their problems. You must understand that your value to others is in direct proportion to the problems you solve for them. You will be needed in every relationship when you are willing to lay down what you perceive to be your own identity and embrace the identity that's necessary. This unselfish posturing is rare, and it will be the difference that opens doors for you.

Covenant relationships are sacred gifts vital for your protection, promotion, pursuit of truth, character building and longevity. Value them highly for the precious treasures they are.


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