Pendleton Oregon Snow and The Three Bears

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Of course in the story of the Three Bears, Goldilocks would try Papa Bear and Baby Bear's furniture and then declare that Mama Bear's furniture "Was Just Right."  I feel the same about Pendleton Snow.  Most enjoy waking up to beautiful snowfall.  And then watching the flakes drift toward the ground is delightfully relaxing.  But, then comes the driving in it and living in it, and shoveling it.  I believe Pendleton's snow is just right.  Last Thursday we awoke to snow and now on Sunday it's virtually gone.  It was here, we enjoyed and now we can return to living without it.  Occasional snowfall that is short-lived is just one more reason for living in Pendleton.

Matt Vogler specializes in the Pendleton area market.  For the past 22 years Matt has taught math and personal finance in the public school system.  Additionally, he has many years of real estate investing experience.  Matt works exclusively with buyers to find that perfect home.  If you are considering a home in the Pendleton area, please give him a call at 541-377-9470, or contact his assistant, Barbara Mortela, at (541) 310-8960.  Company websites are &

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